About Power Edge Hockey

Our Mission:

Power Edge Hockey’s mission is to teach the fundamentals of hockey by placing a strong emphasis on improving skating skills.  We provide players with an opportunity to compete at the highest level while instilling discipline, teamwork and sportsmanship.  Our players love the game because they learn to play the right way.

The Power Edge Hockey Philosophy

Power Edge Hockey provides instruction in the fundamentals of hockey, with a special emphasis on skating. From the beginner player to the highly skilled player, Power Edge Hockey Schools and Clinics can develop and improve skating and hockey skills. Players will enjoy and excel at playing “the fastest game on earth!”.

  • Our philosophy is based on the idea that skating technique is first and foremost.
  • Our goal is for each player to master the proper technique.

Each skating drill is designed to develop a specific aspect of correct skating technique. Each player is individually supervised. As drills are executed, players receive immediate coaching where correction is necessary. Skills are taught and refined through specific drills and practices. We work to develop strengths and improve weaknesses.

We at POWER EDGE HOCKEY, through our schools and clinics, strive to develop young hockey players to their fullest potential while maintaining their motivation. We create a POSITIVE, ENTHUSIASTIC and FUN arena directed toward instilling a long lasting desire to play hockey … The Greatest Game on Earth!!!

Experienced Personnel: Joe Zizza, Dave Hunter & Staff

Power Edge Hockey
19 Davis Lane
Reading, MA 01867